Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blue #10

i really like this painting, and i'm so happy that it's
going somewhere i'll get to see it every now and
again.  i like to visit my babies whenever i get the
chance.  i miss em...
on another note.  an old friend asked me recently "why the sad eyes all the time?" a question i've heard
a few times before.  my mom asked me once "why don't you paint a happy painting every once in
a while?"!   so where do i begin?  how do i explain without explaining everything?(art should have a certain amount of mystery i've always felt).  so here goes...  i've always gravitated towards art that has a certain
amount of emotion involved.  some weight to it.  it's what i like and what i try to produce.  it's reflective, i think,of this world we live in and of this thing called existence which we have to try to cope with and puzzle
out.  the world to me seems mostly not such a happy place so that's the way i paint it.
there's more though...
  i'm fascinated by duality.  by appearances and realities.  the real emotion hiding just behind the mask.  i
return again and again to the theme of jesters, harlequins, kings and queens in moments of sadness or loss
or meditation.  moments that you would never see normally because these are emotions not
typically associated with these characters.
there's more though...
i love the juxtaposition of bright colors and dark emotion.
and more...
i can't deny the influence of new orleans and mardi gras on my art. it's a part of me and i'm sure part of the reason i am attracted to costumes and masks and the hiding of one's true self.  but again, it's the
quiet moments after the revelry or before that i always gravitate towards.
and more..
nah.  i think that's enough for now.  it's a start...

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