Friday, November 11, 2011

Painting again...

Well, after a long and frustrating forced hiatus I've finally
managed to get myself into the studio on a fairly regular basis
over the past month or so.  Which means I finally have some new
stuff to show anyone who might be interested in seeing it.  I'm
going to try and keep updating the blog with new and old stuff
on a more regular basis, but my true goal is to have a new
bonafide website up and running by early next year (by mardi gras,
come hell or high water!).
This is one of the first pieces I did when I started pushing
paint around again.  it was a conscious decision on my part
to change things up.  To get looser and hopefully a bit more
expressive.  I'm pretty happy with it and I'm excited about
the direction it's leading my art.
More to come soon...

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